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Art On Creative is seeking local creatives to help inspire art within our communities by implementing art projects, lessons and games with kiddos. Together, helping generate artistic experiences, connecting with ourselves and with others, and the love for exploring creativity. Art On!

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Huntington Beach, California, United States

About MsPhaerie


The Artist

Artist Angela Clark's passion for art began early in life and spent most of those carefree days drawing, coloring and playing outside with her big brother. She discovered early in life that her love for art and family would always be an important part of her journey.

As early as high school she structured her education to focus on her two passions, art and children. During this time, she combined these two components for her senior project, creating a mosaic tile desk with clay tiles made by the kindergarten class she aided, and included a research paper on the developmental process.

She began teaching preschool at the age of nineteen, in Portland Oregon. While teaching she attended college, studying art and psychology. After three years of teaching preschool, she realized that given her connection with children, her pursuits were best focused toward one on one education, beginning her career as a nanny.

After moving to Southern California in 2005, she continued studying art as well as her career. Her passion for art and her gift of connecting with children led her to bring art into the lives and homes of the children and families she works with. In sunny So Cal, she started creating her small art business, curating small business, a mobile art studio. Art On Creative features art based, educational projects, workshops, playgroups, classes, parties and events for artists of all ages.

Angie and her road king hubby love living life in Huntington Beach, CA with their dog Xephyr. There they enjoy traveling, family, sports, art, music and adventure. She's eager to pursue a career in art therapy and grow her little family.


Artists' Mediums

Angela uses many different mediums such as graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylics, oil pastels, card stock, beads, glitter and mixed media materials to name a few. 

Her belief that working in a single medium is restrictive to the artistic process leads her to explore mediums, allowing each idea to manifests in its own individual style.

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Artists' Inspiration

“Gathering inspiration from the world around me, and my family, I find myself breathless from the beauty I witness in nature, and sometimes, humanity. I transfuse my work with these moments and find a pleasure like no other in blending colors and adding layers of texture, color and energy to each piece. I like transforming photo to semi realistic painting as well as layered multidimensional textures, and crafts of all kinds.” 



For Fionna & Valerie

This website is dedicated to my 2 beautiful little nieces.


I love you more than all the sand in the sea... Sweet girls.